ToHeart2 Dungeon Travelers OVA 02 – Treasure

2012.08.04 8 comments

[SubSmith] ToHeart2 Dungeon Travelers OVA 02: 1080p(BT) | 720p(BT) | Script | Font

Staff: dango & Zdm321.

Volume 1 Special CD | Volume 2 Special CD | OP & ED CD | OP & ED SP

That’s the last of the Dungeon Travelers.  ToHeart2 radio is also having its last session this week (2012.08.10) after being on air for close to five years.  This probably means that Aquaplus does not intend to release anything TH2 related, at least in the near future.

Sad to see it end…  Hopefully whatever project and radio Aquaplus does next will be as entertaining as its predecessors~


ToHeart2 Dungeon Travelers OVA 01 – Total Disaster

2012.02.29 9 comments

[SubSmith] ToHeart2 Dungeon Travelers OVA 01: 1080p(BT) | 720p(BT) | Script | Font

Staff: dango & Zdm321.

Notes and Trivia:

This series is based on a PSP game that’s a spinoff of a PC game released back a while ago.

How TH2 turned from a tranquil school love story into a fantasy RPG:  Maaryan got this new game console one day and had everyone try it out.  After they put on the virtual reality helmets and started the game, they found themselves inside the game itself.  The rest, you can probably deduce from the episode itself.

During Sasara’s morning call delusion scene, in the second version, she was mimicking Silfa.

The number 200 in the insert song lyrics is a tribute to the TH2 radio show (hosted by Sasara and Maaryan’s voice actresses), which just had its 200th session anniversary recently.

Kudos to you if you knew all of these.  =]

Fireball – DVD Special – Making of Fireball

2011.04.29 2 comments

Translated from Chinese subs by OTLSUB and TDGASS:

[SubSmith] Fireball Special – Making of Fireball [DVD]: BT | MU | Script

Fake Fireball “behind the scenes” special in true Disney style.

MKV hardsub used for Dailymotion.

ToHeart2 adnext OVA 02 – Trash Basket Memory

2011.01.12 12 comments

[SubSmith] ToHeart2 adnext OVA 02: BT | MU | Script & Font

Our main heroine this time~

Our main heroine this time is a bit shy~

Cast audio commentary of Yuuki and Harumi’s voice actresses included, as always. Press “A” in MPC to switch between audio tracks, and listen to them joke about ToHeart2 ad 3D, the next OVA series in line, featuring boobs and skirts jiggling and waggling in full 3D glory.

If only they’d named this episode “Last Name”, to match the 1st episode…

This is the end of another ToHeart2 OVA series.  Another one has been hinted on their radio, but no news other than that.

Extra Stuff:

Tokimeki:  OP & ED single by Uehara Rena.

ToHeart2 Another Disc Next Vol.2:  Bonus character songs included with the DVD release, consisting the new OP song for ToHeart2 radio, sang by the main personalities Sasara and Maa-ryan, and adplus’ ED sang by Milfa (Harumi) and Silfa.

KONOTAMA6:  Released at C79.  Three audio drama pieces, including one with Eruruu and Hakuoro from Utawarerumono as guests, plus a remix of the new radio OP.  I gave up uploading the FLAC ver after the 3rd unknown upload error, so please make do with this LAME V5 MP3 ver.

Angel Beats! -Track ZERO- Extra Chapter 2 – Monday Before Sunrise II

2010.12.14 5 comments

Translated with the help from Chinese versions done by hades9053 and 柠葶凛.

Angel Beats! -Track ZERO-
A prequel novel of the TV animation series “Angel Beats!”, penned by the original creator and script writer Maeda Jun himself.  This extra chapter, like the previous one, is again a rather comical account of Girls Dead Monster’s activities, written from bassist Sekine’s perspective.

Word: Maeda Jun (Key)
Illustration: GotoP
Character Design: Na-Ga (Key)

Disclaimer: All materials used here belong to their respective owners.  All characters and events appearing in this work are fictitious.  Any resemblance to real persons or events is purely coincidental.  Sub Smith may not be held liable for any ruined impressions or indecent acts conducted as direct or indirect results of reading this article.

You may find English translations of previous materials here:

Chapter 01 • Chapters 02-07&goodies (anon et al.)Extra chapter 014-koma manga*

* 4-koma reproduced from SumiSora’s Chinese scanlation.

As before, Iwasawa’s dialog is supposed to be read with an Irish accent. Here is a guideline that we generally followed when accenting the words, composed by Naru.

[Full article…]

ToHeart2 adnext OVA 01 – First Name

2010.09.30 13 comments

Translated with help from Chinese subs by KTXP and TTSUB&KTKJ:

[SubSmith] ToHeart2 adnext OVA 01 [DVD]: BT | Script & Font

[SubSmith] ToHeart2 adnext OVA 01 [BD]: BT | SS | Script & Font ^

Shameless plug by the guy that does the backgrounds~

Cast audio commentary of Manaka and Maa-ryan’s voice actresses included.  Press “A” in MPC to switch between audio tracks.

Extra Stuff:

Tokimeki:  OP & ED single by Uehara Rena.

ToHeart2 adnext Vol.1 BD Wallpapers:  Somewhat risque, somewhat boring.

ToHeart2 Another Disc Next Vol.1: Bonus character songs included with the DVD release, consisting of the new theme song of ToHeart2 radio, sang by the main personalities Sasara and Maa-ryan, and adplus’ ED sang by Konomi and Tamaki.

Utawarerumono OVA Special – Picture Drama 03 – The Fall of a Titan

2010.09.07 10 comments

[SubSmith] Utawarerumono OVA Special Picture Drama 03:
BT | MU | Script+Fonts

Guest translation by ryu of the FFFPeeps, and encode by D4rkFactor.

Extra stuff:

OVA 03 Audio Commentary:  Supplied by Seto Sun and shifted to work with our release.  To use, put it in the same directory as OVA 03, open the video and press A to switch audio channel (MPC only).

Mustache Bachelor’s 2nd Single:  Contains the insert song from OVA 02, plus his cover of the game’s opening and a new song.  We love ya, Tsuyoshi!  Hope you get married soon!

Utawarerumono one and only character song album: This was upped before.  It contains the ending song used in this episode.

And that’s the last of Utawarerumono, in the sense that Aquaplus has moved on to other things, seeing the radio’s over and there were no Uta goods at C78.

It’s certainly had a good run: 2 games, 4 anime DVD boxes, 3 OVA discs, 2 radios, one of which enjoys a legendary status, plus tons of other goods.  Those slightly Japanese learned should definitely check out the original radio program.  You’ll get to hear Kayachan (Touka) complaining “why can’t my first love be 2D?!”, Sawashiro saying clit in Aruruu’s voice, and of course, the infamous love polygon(?) between the real life yandere Yuzuchan (Eruruu), Rikichan (Hakuoro), and the other female casts.