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Cross Game OP Full Lyrics Translation

2010.05.02 12 comments

The opening theme song for Cross Game / クロスゲーム
Summer Rain – コブクロ / Kobukuro

Full Lyrics


Cross Game – 50 – Finale – More Than Anyone Else in the World

2010.03.29 77 comments

[SubSmith] Cross Game 50BT | MU | Script

Since the Chinese groups decide to not do the new ED, this release contains no translation for it either.

That said, no more episodes of CG on the wall…  Guess I’ll stick the wallpapers link here, since there won’t be a need for the CG status pane anymore.

——————————————— ✂ ✂ ✂ ——————————————–

As promised, here is a version of the script with the ED subbed, plus a little bit of extra stuff. 

There is no V2. If you are going to use this script for an unofficial release, please don’t make it appear like it’s released by us.

This is not intended for first time viewing.  If you don’t care to hassle over the subs, here are the screen shots of the only two added differences (non-existent spoilers): 
[Fantasy One] [Fantasy Two]

The new ED is 恋スル乙女(Koisuru Otome) by 近藤夏子(Kondo Natsuko), from her 2009 single コンドウマニア 3(Kondo Mania 3).  There’s a video of the full song here.

The portion in the episode:




ちょっとだけ 赤くなる

A step away, from the ticket gates
Hands together, now had parted ways
I found myself, pulling on your coat’s hem
Sending out, a signal of loneliness

Tears began to well up in my eyes
Seeing me so, you showed me your smile

Those phrases of love
Always being together and such
Those age long clichés
I need none of that

If there around your pinky
Is tied a string of red
Then let’s take the other end, and tie a knot around mine
Whispering these words, sounding like a maiden in love
On the way, back home, to myself alone
Feeling a bit, blushed on my face

Cross Game 49 – Are You Enjoying This?

2010.03.21 27 comments

[SubSmith] Cross Game 49BT | MU | Script

There are spoilers in the preview, so feel free to skip it.

Cross Game ED1 Full Lyrics Translation

2010.03.21 9 comments

The first ending theme song for our beloved Cross Game / クロスゲーム.
恋焦がれて見た夢 / Koi Kogarete Mita Yume – 絢香 / Ayaka

Full English Lyrics Translation

Cross Game 48 – Yes

2010.03.15 24 comments

[SubSmith] Cross Game 48BT | MU | Script

It seems CG is going to be only 50 episodes long…  Source.

Cross Game 47 – Is a Lie Alright?

2010.03.07 33 comments

[SubSmith] Cross Game 47BT | MU | Script

Plenty of intentional interesting moments this time around~

Random trivia:

Cross Game 46 – I’ve Got a Bad Feeling About This

2010.02.22 15 comments

[SubSmith] Cross Game 46BT | MU | Script

A lot of unintentional interesting moments this episode…  Such as when the those earthquake warnings appeared simultaneously with the ominous title…(In another raw.  Though this one has plenty of those too~)