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Today’s 5-2 – OAD Special Drama – Today’s Minami Household

2009.10.26 3 comments

Translated from FLsnow:

[SubSmith] Today’s 5-2 – OAD Special Drama: BT | MU | Script

This is an 14.5min audio only drama from the OAD DVD.  The video is made by the Chinese sub group.  In case you didn’t know, “Today’s 5-2” and “Minami Household” are both by the same manga artist.

Since the video doesn’t matter, feel free to just watch the streamed ver. above.


Today's 5-2 – OAD – Treasure Chest

2009.10.23 5 comments

Translated from FLsnow:

[SubSmith] Today’s 5-2 – OADBT | MU | Script

Official Site.  There’s a drama special called “Today’s Minami-ke” that comes with this DVD.  I’ll translate it too if this gets picked up well.