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Utawarerumono OVA Special – Picture Drama 03 – The Fall of a Titan

2010.09.07 10 comments

[SubSmith] Utawarerumono OVA Special Picture Drama 03:
BT | MU | Script+Fonts

Guest translation by ryu of the FFFPeeps, and encode by D4rkFactor.

Extra stuff:

OVA 03 Audio Commentary:  Supplied by Seto Sun and shifted to work with our release.  To use, put it in the same directory as OVA 03, open the video and press A to switch audio channel (MPC only).

Mustache Bachelor’s 2nd Single:  Contains the insert song from OVA 02, plus his cover of the game’s opening and a new song.  We love ya, Tsuyoshi!  Hope you get married soon!

Utawarerumono one and only character song album: This was upped before.  It contains the ending song used in this episode.

And that’s the last of Utawarerumono, in the sense that Aquaplus has moved on to other things, seeing the radio’s over and there were no Uta goods at C78.

It’s certainly had a good run: 2 games, 4 anime DVD boxes, 3 OVA discs, 2 radios, one of which enjoys a legendary status, plus tons of other goods.  Those slightly Japanese learned should definitely check out the original radio program.  You’ll get to hear Kayachan (Touka) complaining “why can’t my first love be 2D?!”, Sawashiro saying clit in Aruruu’s voice, and of course, the infamous love polygon(?) between the real life yandere Yuzuchan (Eruruu), Rikichan (Hakuoro), and the other female casts.


Utawarerumono OVA 03 – Sheathing Sound of the Deep Mountains

2010.07.01 29 comments

Translated from Chinese subs done by DMG and Sumisora, raw from the QTS folks:

[SubSmith] Utawarerumono OVA 03: BT | MU | Script

The script is compatible with all BD raws.  Script only folks might want to get the fonts.

That’s the last one of these.  There’s still the pic drama of course, once we get our hands on it.  The aud commentary will hopefully come along with that release too.

Touka and Aruruu are doing the commentary this time…  Maybe Sawashiro will rage at all the fan-service again.  =]

Utawarerumono OVA Special – Picture Drama 02 – Childhood Friends ~ A Sequel

2010.01.20 5 comments

[SubSmith] Utawarerumono OVA Special Picture Drama 02:
BT | MU | Script

As promised: commentary audio track for OVA 02.

Also!  The first ever Utawarerumono Character Song Album うたもの絵巻 (Song Scroll)!

Utawarerumono OVA 02 – Prescription for a Secret Love

2009.12.28 6 comments

Translated from DMG and Sumisora, lyrics by ans:

[SubSmith] Utawarerumono OVA 02: BT | Script

CoreAVC versions below 2.0 WILL have visual problems playing our encode. This encode does not include the voice actors’ commentary as episode 1 did.  I’ll upload the audio track sometimes later when I have it.

Some background story: Kamuchataru is a new character in the PS2 version of the game.  She is the princess of one of the countries Hakuoro and the others have conquered (her father is that fat king who says  “nyamo” all the time; voiced by the same person that voiced Arawn in T3).  She grew up with Kuro, and due to some incidents, she thinks he is a lolicon (specifically when Kuro was helping Aruru getting honey, also one time when he saw her after a few years, he inconsiderately said something along the lines of “Wow, is that you, princess?  You’ve grown so old.”)

Episode 3 releases on: 2010.04.23

Below are a few things for the fans:

Utawarerumono ToHeart2 Joint Live Radio - Meromero dearimasu~

Left: Riki-chan (Hakuoro); Right: Yuzu-nee (Eruru).  An indirect kiss in the making…  And did happen shortly after.  Taken from Utawarerumono & ToHeart2 Joint Live Radio show back in 2007.  Yuzu-nee is a serious yandere in real life, towards Riki-chan no less…  That poor guy.

The cowboy up there is the man that did the voice of Kuro: Koyama Tsuyoshi, AKA The Mustache Bachelor.  This is the live of that insert song heard in this episode, sang at Aquaplus Live 2008.  It’s called 僕だけの旅路 (A Journey of Just Mine), which is named as a spinoff of Suara’s 君だけの旅路(A Journey of Just Yours).

C77 is coming up, in a day or two.  Uta will release their first ever character song album:
01. 夢想歌 (TV OP) by Eruru
02. 永久に (PC ED) by Kamyu
03. 君だけの旅路 (PS2 OP) by Touka
04. 運命-SADAME- (Insert) by Urutori & Karura

Utawarerumono OVA Special – Picture Drama 01 – Childhood Friends

2009.07.02 4 comments

Translated from Sumisora, modified from their timed .ass:

[SubSmith] Utawarerumono OVA Special Picture Drama 01:

BT | MegaUpload | Script

This came as a bonus disc in the OVA’s DVD pack.  Nothing is wrong with your monitor, this episode, as the title indicates, consists mostly of still images.

For those using the script alone, the updated Utawarerumono font pack is here.

Utawarerumono OVA 01 – Lullaby of the Watch Tower

2009.06.26 14 comments

Translated from DMG, Sumisora, SOSG, KTXP, and a special thanks to Waxin’ Lyrical for the inspiration on the lyrics translation of Sadame:

[SubSmith] Utawarerumono OVA 01: BT | Script

We might not release any other versions than this 720p one. The current BD raws floating around look very much similar to our 720p encode. Of course, you are free to use whichever raw you find. The script isn’t provided for no reason after all. =P

The script should work with all BD raws. For DVD raws, offset by -1000 ms. And here are the fonts used: Font Pack.

Utawarerumono OVA Full Lyrics

2009.06.25 Leave a comment

Full translations might be posted when I feel literally capable enough.  I might throw in the romaji too, but for now, you can always use your favorite romajization software for that.  There are even some online!

Opening Theme Song

「adamant faith」
歌: Suara

長き月日を重ね 輝きを潜めては
どこを見ているの 何を考えて
どこを攻めてるの 何を得られたの
憧れて待ちわびて 一途な力は強く
例え向かう未来が 誰かに決められても
例えわからなくても 心は覚えている
どこに惹かれたの 何を求めたの
うらめいて傷つけて 歯止めがきかぬ世界で
例え忘れていても 身体は覚えている
きらめいて揺らめいて 閉じ込め逃げぬ光に
例え向かう未来が 自分で決められても
長き月日を重ね 輝きを潜めては

Ending Theme Song

作詞: 須谷尚子

思うまま書き描いた 色を褪せない夢は
願う未来つなぐけれど 子供のまま辿り着けなくて
心に閉じ込めて 忘れ去られていた
あの頃は 夢をいつまでも描いて
後悔して 嘆いても 取り戻せなくて
空高く 鳥のように 自由に飛び回ろう
世界を抱きしめるように 大きく羽ばたいて
頬なでる風は とても冷たく感じたけど
いつのまにか心地よくて 言葉で語れないもどかしさ
心の扉明け 空に解き放とう
色付いた夢を 思うまま描けば
後悔して 嘆くのやめて また歩き出そう
流れ込む水のように 自由に行き渡ろう
世界を潤せるように やさしく浸しては
しみ出した水は とても冷たく感じたけど
いつのまにか心地よくて 素直になれなくて もどかしい
いつまでも書き描いた あの頃の夢はまだ
願う未来つないで行く たとえ忘れようと
思うまま書き描いた 色を褪せない夢は
願う未来つなぐけれど 子供のまま辿り着けなくて

Insert Song


静かに訪れる 色なき世界
すべての時を止め 眠りにつく
悲しみ喜びを 集めて人は
流れし時の中 安らぎ見る
生まれ生き消えてゆく 人の運命の中
誰もみな空の星に 微かな願い託す
密かに輝ける 満天の星
地平の彼方へと 流れ消える
色づき始めた 大地の上を
無情な時だけが 吹き抜けてく
風に揺る緑の先 明日へと続いて
新しき時の中 笑顔の花を咲かす
生まれ生き消えてゆく 人の運命の中
誰もみな空の星に 微かな願い託す
静かに訪れる まばゆき世界
すべての時を生み 咲き乱れる

Yes.  We are about to release the OVA.  =]