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Cross Game OP Full Lyrics Translation

The opening theme song for Cross Game / クロスゲーム
Summer Rain – コブクロ / Kobukuro

Summer Rain
コブクロ / Kobukuro
Lyrics & Music: 小渕健太郎
(小渕健太郎 is the singer with the guitar)

夜空を揺さぶる 夏の稲光
怯える君を 青く照らす Summer rain
無意味な傘に隠れ 立ちすくむ二人
ごった返す人ごみ 掻き分け走り出す

Summer’s storm rocks the night sky
Your frightened figure, cast blue by the summer rain
Frozen for a moment under the meaningless umbrella
Then through the crowd, we dash off into the rain

プラスチックの取っ 手に ぎゅっと手と手を重ねてた
雲が蠢く度に こわばる指

Our hands together, gripping onto the plastic umbrella handle
Our fingers tighten when the clouds start to rumble

今 君と雨に打たれ あの夏を洗い流す
僕の中 積もる 砂のような想い出
今 君と雨に打たれ 誰の事 思い出しているの?
二人の傘に流れる Summer rain

Here with you, showering in the rain, washing away those summer days
Washing away from my heart, the sand of memories that have long accumulated
Here you are, showering in the rain, perhaps reminiscing those of the past days?
Falling on our umbrella, that summer rain

恋をする度に 全てを脱ぎ去り
新しい自分に 着替えてたつもり
そんな器用なもんじゃない 心 気まぐれ
たった三秒前も 怪しげな言葉で君を

Each time a new love kindles, I try to shed away the past
Change into a new set, fresh mind and feelings
If only issues of the heart can be solved so easily
Just three seconds ago, I said something I should never say

怒らせては慰めてた 「違うよ‥!」って 掻き回す
コーヒカップに 体 吸い込まれそう

As you get upset, I try to explain, “It’s not like that..!”, only to make things worse
As if my body’s being sucked into the coffee cup

七色の虹が架かった この街で君と出逢い
幾つの季節に 涙 染まるのだろう?
夕暮れの風に任せ 髪ほどく 慣れた仕草
また君に惹かれてる サダメ

Since we met on this road, that day under the rainbow
How many seasons have passed, stained with our tears?
As usual, you let your hair loose in the gentle dusk breeze
I fall in love with you once again, must be destiny

満月さえ 沈みそうな水平線
灯りの無い夜を探し カーブ抜けたなら

Even the full moon is descending into the horizon
I turn another corner, searching for a lightless night

今 一人 裸になって 過ぎた夏 海に流す
まだ君は服来たままで 星拾う 浜辺のフェアリー
今 君と 雨に打たれ あの夏を洗い流す
僕の中 消えた 砂のような想い出
8月の雨に打たれ 踊る 傘も放り投げて
濡れた体 寄せて 背中にキスをした 夏の夢
柔らかな Summer rain
覚めない 夏の夢

Here by myself, stripped bare naked, washing away that summer with the ocean waves
You walk by, still fully dressed, picking up the stars, seashore’s fairies
Here with you, showering in the rain, washing away those summer days
Washing away from my heart, the sand of memories that slowly dissipates
In the August pelting rain, soaking, dancing, umbrella tossed aside
Bodies drenching, touching, with the rain kissing on our backs, such a summer dream
Ever so gentle, summer rain
Never ending, this summer dream

  1. Teera_12
    2010.02.19 at 12:17 pm

    Thank you for translation. I like this song.

  2. 2010.05.02 at 1:04 pm

    Thanks guys

    Pretty neat that this has been picked up for licensing in US. Not sure it will do well, but would be nice if it did.


  3. 2010.05.02 at 11:10 pm

    Are you going to be subbing another series?

    • 2010.05.03 at 3:41 am

      I’m helping FFFpeeps with Working!! this season, zd’s around being jolly too. Nothing is planned for this group until June.

  4. IamMAN
    2010.05.25 at 9:07 am

    wow, they sound great live. thanks

  5. Mira
    2011.01.01 at 3:06 am

    Does anyone know where to get the full soundtrack for Cross Game? Like the background score, too, not just the singles?

  6. Luis
    2011.01.15 at 1:57 am

    Is there any chance for you to let us download this pv?
    I really love ‘Cross game’ anime, and this song is great!

  7. Luis
    2011.01.15 at 11:43 am

    thks for the advice. The link is great and i’m looking there all kind of stuff.
    I only wanna know if ripping from youtube the video will got a decent quality, ’cause to be honest dounloading an entire dvd for just one song (i don’t know the others) is a little too much for me.
    Of course, if i got no other choice….

    • 2011.01.15 at 7:58 pm

      What you see is what you get for youtube rips.

      The video is actually a TV-rip. The link is a DVD-rip, which is of better quality.

  1. 2016.03.20 at 6:47 pm

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