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Bakemonogatari Ending Lyrics Translation

君の知らない物語 / A Story You Do Not Know
Vocal: supercell
Lyrics/Music: ryo

That was just an ordinary day
When you stood up suddenly and began to say
“Why don’t we go see the stars tonight”
“You do say something good once a while”
We all agreed while teasing about
Walking on that unlit road
I messed around like a silly girl
Hoping these uneasy and lonely feelings
Wouldn’t be too much to overwhelm me
Gazing at the starry canopy of the dark world
It was as if I can reach up and grab hold
I wonder since when had it been like so
You’d become the star I was looking for
Oh would you please
Don’t be so surprised when I tell you
These feelings that I hold
“Deneb, Hikoboshi, and Orihime”
You pointed out the summer triangle for us to see
I memorized while staring at the sky
Hikoboshi was still hiding from me
Trying hard, I only found Orihime
She must be feeling lonely like me
Right by my side, you were pointing at the sky happily
Yet these feelings I had, stayed within me
I had been learning everything about you
From many, many people
Now that finally we met
My words wouldn’t come out
Instead I could only remind myself
Not to let my tears out
Trying hard yet I was still feeling afraid
While pretending not to be interested in what you say
But still
My heart began to pain more and more
Ah, I see, this must be
What it feels like to be in love
If only you’d come comfort me
But you couldn’t hear my inner cries
If only you’d come closer to me
But reality was as cruel as it can be
So I didn’t say it
So I couldn’t say it
That night, never to come back
On that summer night
Stars lit up the whole sky
Even now, I remember it clearly
Be it your smile
Be it your frown
I loved them all
How silly it all was
That you never found out
These feelings I possessed
Became a secret of mine
Beyond the dark nights
Inside my memory, there you are
With a pure smile,
Still pointing up to the sky

No, we aren’t going to sub Bakemonogatari.  I just like the song.  More walls of lyrics to follow~

  1. TG
    2010.01.23 at 6:22 pm

    Nice Song.
    It makes me feel free.

  2. FF
    2010.01.24 at 1:07 am

    What do the characters on the stick say?

    • 2010.01.24 at 5:10 am

      It’s like those under the pop cap lottery thing, basically, she wins another one.

      • JHK
        2010.01.24 at 6:09 pm

        What I REALLY want to know is what is hand written on the back of the stick, the same one she casts into the sea later. To me it looks like an address of his new residence in Tokyo, the “Heights.” Can anybody confirm this? Great song, makes me a bit sad.

        • 2010.01.24 at 7:04 pm

          Sounds about right.
          東京都豊島区 目白台6-20サンハイツ202
          Tokyo Toshima Ward, Mejirodai 6-20, Sun Heights 202.

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